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The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast – Session 4 – VanGrrrl!

Meet Elizabeth “VanGrrrl” Dickerson, AKA Van Grrrl, a 38 year old single gal living in a 1972 Dodge camper van in the Seattle Washington area.

After many years of dreaming about moving to the west coast from Richmond, VA, Elizabeth quit her job of 12.5 years, sold her condo, packed up and moved west in 2012, sight unseen with no job or place to live lined up.

After finding a job an a home in Washington State, in 2014 she nearly lost both again. That’s when the plan for van life took root. The idea had so many layers. A place to live, bought and paid for; it would be a simpler life with minimal possessions and debt and it offered the ability to travel near and far. Elizabeth’s current travels are more near than far. She urban camps and parks at friends’ houses north of Seattle. This keeps her close to her loyal housekeeping clients and her 22 year old son while he finishes school and ventures into adulthood.

You can keep up with her here:
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Fast Chest and Abs Workout To Get Shredded At Home

Fast Chest and Abs Workout To Get Shredded At Home

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What up guys? For all you guys that want to work out at home and want to work your chest and abs, then I got a killer workout for you today. It is going to be a home circuit with 3 chest exercises along with 3 ab exercises.

You do not need any equipment, I made sure of it, so this way you can do it anywhere!

Workout Breakdown:

Chest/Abs – Back To Back

4 Rounds Total

-In & Out Push Ups/Roman Twists
-Dive Bomber Push Ups/Leg Raises
-4 Second Push Ups/Reverse Crunches

30sec chest/30sec abs/30sec rest

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Video Breakdown:

Round 1:

2:22 – In & Out Push Ups

2:56 – Roman Twists

3:24 – Rest (30 sec)

3:53 – Dive Bomber Push Ups

4:30 – Leg Raises

4:57 – Rest (30 sec)

5:28 – 4 Second Push Ups

5:58 – Reverse Crunches

Round 2:
(Rest 30 sec)

6:40 – In & Out Push Ups

7:17 – Roman Twists

7:43 – Rest (30 sec)

7:57 – Dive Bomber Push Ups

8:35 – Leg Raises

9:00 – Rest (30 sec)

9:04 – 4 Second Push Ups

9:35 – Reverse Crunches

Round 3:
(Rest 30 sec)

10:10 – In & Out Push Ups

10:46 – Roman Twists

11:12 – Rest (30 sec)

11:17 – Dive Bomber Push Ups

11:50 – Leg Raises

12:14 – Rest (30 sec)

12:15 – 4 Second Push Ups

12:46 – Reverse Crunches

Round 4:
(Rest 30 sec)

13:20 – In & Out Push Ups

13:48 – Roman Twists

14:14 – Rest (30 sec)

14:21 – Dive Bomber Push Ups

14:54 – Leg Raises

15:20 – Rest (30 sec)

15:21 – 4 Second Push Ups

15:56 – Reverse Crunches

That’s 12 sets in about 17 minutes. Tearing up the chest, working those abs, and pushing your heart and cardio to the limit!

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Train hard,


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P.P.S. — What did you think about this six pack abs and chest workout? Leave me a comment letting me know if this video helped you get your six pack abs to show.
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