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WELCOME to the Life of A Busy Wife and Mom of Five. My husband and I married November 13, 1999, together since January 1997. I was 18 and he 21. In marriage NOW..with five kids later, our youngest was born August 11, 2013! With a teenager, three kiddos and an toddler we are a busy house! Our passion to become entrepreneurs has allowed us to be flexible in our parenting and time spent as a family. Subscribe today to keep up with our weekly and sometimes multiple daily uploads. Search my channel to watch week by week pregnancy vids, family vlogging, date nights, cooking vlogs, out on the town with the family and more! Thank you to all the New Subbies! I love to check for feed back so don’t forget to thumbs up and comment on the vids you enjoy!

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Online Jobs For College Students – I Have One And You Can Too

This is the best source to find online jobs for college students because it offers real online jobs. Not like many of those other places that let you apply for jobs online and you never hear back. This place offers legit online jobs for students, so check it out.
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Top 10 Home Based Businesses (2015)


The top 10 home based business for 2015 are ones I’m very familiar with. I have spent several years working at home exclusively as an online entrepreneur and have had a lot of experience with many businesses (some more successful than others).

If you want to take any of these home business ideas and use them yourself, go for it!

If you don’t like many of the ideas or want to take the most straightforward path check out: http://www.rebeleducation.com/system/?t=top10hbb

But I do recommend taking not of these top 10 home based businesses for 2015, as you will probably want to use a variation of one of them. You could be living in Wenatchee Washington or Miami Florida, it makes absolutely no difference. I live in Ireland! They still work because you are online!

For more traditional offline stuff, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTdXyndVYYs . The stuff on http://www.dormroomcash.com is a little outdated, but the owner has a big heart!

To Your Success,
Work at Home Mom
The Stay at Home Family

Top 10 Home Based Businesses 2015

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I Work At Home And Walk Down The Hall To My Office


Read Joe Crump’s Blog:

Case Study – Glenn Davis – Tampa, Florida

I believe the best way to learn the business of real estate investing is to hear how others have done it.

When these interviews were recorded, I asked Tom, the interviewer, to ask questions that would help the viewer see how these folks got started.

I wanted to hear the struggles, the successes and a clear path and explanation of what they had to do to make these deals happen.

I did NOT want them to be a bunch of people telling you how wonderful Joe Crump was. I wanted content, examples and real life experiences.

I hope we succeeded.

Six Month Mentor Program:

Read the Transcript:

Glenn: My name is Glen Davis. I live in Tampa, Florida. The first real estate transaction I did using Joe’s technique was a small home in the Tampa area in the Bay Area that we did a lease option memo on and found a couple that were moving out of a mobile home and wanted to get into home ownerships and we put them in a house.

Glenn: On the first deal, I made about ,000. It was not that difficult. The only difficult thing about it for me is that it was somewhere out of the immediate area I was in, so it was about a 45 minute to an hour drive, but once I met the people there at the property and they looked at it without my being there, and then met them at the property and we did the paperwork, it didn’t take long at all. It wasn’t very difficult.

Glenn: The best deal… I’ve done a couple of pretty decent deals. The most money I’ve made off of any one deal has been ,000. Then I’ve had another deal that was pretty interesting: it was a pretty small house and the sale price on the house I believe was ,000. I took in ,500 but it wasn’t all for me.

Glenn: The reason I say I took it in is that Joe teaches that we don’t dictate to the person how much money they should have down, so this little house, had I been giving them the amount of money they would have had to put down on the house, I would have told them maybe ,000 plus the first month’s rent which was 0 so, by not dictating the amount of money they should have down on the house, I threw it back to them and they came up and found a young couple where one of their grandparents I think died and left a little bit of money to this young person and they put up ,500 to move into the house.

Glenn: Now, I had to restructure the deal because they only wanted 0 a month and part of my taking the ,500 was that they would only pay 0 a month for the three years, and so I wrestled with the idea of, ‘Should I pay the owner the difference over 36 months, 0 a month times 36 months, or should I hold the cash and make up the difference every month?’

Glenn: I held the cash and put it into the business and every month they issued me a check for 0 and I sent 0 to the owner of my money plus the 0 that they received for a total of 0. With the same owner, I sold another house that she had to a couple who were already in the house, and so I made up 0 of the 0 because the couple that was in the house couldn’t afford much.

Glenn: I got them to pay 0 more than what they were paying, so another over the 0 that they were paying is going to the owner and she’s receiving 0 of the 0 that I get every month from them, so I made up 0 of the difference on the other deal, if that makes sense — by selling the other house that she had.

Glenn: I’ve been using the “Automarketer” and I have a virtual assistant also. I used to use Joe’s program which was the “List Builder” and was the predecessor to the Automarketer. List Builder sends out leads to for rent ads. And as Joe tells you, the challenge with List Builder was that it also sends out the leads to apartment complexes, so it was sending out a lot of leads to those. I would get calls from property managers or apartment complex managers that would tell me, ‘This is an apartment complex,’ and yada, yada, etc.

Glenn: I have a virtual assistant in India, a person that was referred to me by another one of Joe’s students. That person’s team sends out individual emails to for rent ads they get off of Craigslist. They skip any apartment complexes or anybody else that I don’t want them to send to. The Indian economy is a lot different and so I only pay them maybe a couple of bucks an hour to do that. So, that’s part of the marketing.

Glenn: The other part I was using was Joe’s “Automarketer”. I’ve signed up about 40 or so properties under the lease option agreement memo. I haven’t sold many; I’ve lost some deals….

To read the rest of this this transcript and more case studies of Joe Crump’s program, click here: http://joecrumpblog.com/i-work-at-home-and-walk-down-the-hall-to-my-office/?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=EndLink&utm_campaign=Youtube


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We’ve ALL searched high and low for the best information and guidance possible when either starting a business or choosing a business and looking for TELEPHONE WORK FROM HOME JOBS IN JERSEY CITY NEW JERSEY. I’ve been blessed by being surrounded by some of the best business minded people in my field for decades.

People who have proven track records of success….but more importantly will SHARE that information with others. It’s now my turn to do the same in finding TELEPHONE WORK FROM HOME JOBS IN JERSEY CITY NEW JERSEY.

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How to Make Money From Home

Will your kids just not sit still for photos? Check out this short video to learn to shoot them like a pro http://bit.ly/1PDkrcx

Watch more How to Work from Home videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/391401-How-to-Make-Money-From-Home

Economic downturns can be frightening, so pick yourself up and make some money in an environment you control.

Be aware of internet scams claiming “fast and easy cash.”

Step 1: Search for ideas
Search for side job ideas, or a new career for free online. Don’t limit yourself to just one country. You can work remotely in Australia, Canada, the U.K. — any place in the world can be your zone of operations thanks to the internet.

Step 2: Offer your creative talents
Offer your creative talent as a writer or editor on contract to firms and individuals. A market exists for someone who can provide incisive criticism, linguistic surgery, quick fixes, and inspired revisions.

Try blogging to see if you can attract enough readers to pick up some advertising revenue.

Step 3: Contract with online services
Contract with online customer service and telemarketing companies who need people for order taking, sales, problem solving, or counseling.

Step 4: Experiment with auctions
Experiment with online auctions, learning to research, negotiate, and pull the trigger to make money on every sale.

Step 5: Design a site
Download free templates to design sites for businesses using a free hosting service. Link streaming video and advertising shorts to your site to excite potential customers. Consider freelancing as a web designer.

With a home-based business, you can carry deductions into the next year if they weren’t advantageous because of current year losses.

Step 6: Work in entertainment
Record samples of your voice, reading commercial copy, and interview with a local agent as a voice-over specialist.

You may have to outfit a room with soundproofing and high-end recording equipment.

Step 7: Answer surveys
Pick up extra cash answering questions for survey websites and becoming a mystery shopper who rates stores and products for money and discount coupons. Provide feedback for online focus groups.

Step 8: Start a network
Start a network marketing group. Whether selling insurance, legal services, food products, or supplements, bring in as many downline sellers as you need to make money without having to drive to an office every day.

Did You Know?
A 2009 survey found that over 17 million Americans were working from home one day a month — an increase of 74 percent from 3 years previous.
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My current workout routine and what gets me motivated to work from home/get inspired!
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