What’s in My Nursing Bag

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What’s in My Nursing Bag!!
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Disclaimer: This video is intended for entertainment purposes. I purchase all of the supplies that are in my bag, however, when in the hospital 99.99% of the time use their supplies. My supplies are only for emergency purposes to ensure that my patients receive the absolute best care they deserve.
It is important to never take hospital supplies home with you.

These videos are intended for entertainment purposes only. Please follow the policy and procedures that your institution requires.
Please note that the views, ideas & opinions expressed on this channel and in the videos on this channel are not necessarily of those of my employer or institution. The views expressed on this channel and in the videos channel do not represent medical advice. If you have specific medical concerns, please contact your physician. In order to protect patient privacy, all patient identifiers in all videos have been deleted or altered.
The views expressed on this channel and in the videos on this channel are personal opinions. I am not an expert nor do I dispense medical advice or procedural specifications. The information I present is for general knowledge and entertainment purposes only. You need to refer to your own medical director, teachers and protocols for specific treatment information. It is your responsibility to know how best to treat your patient in your jurisdiction.
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