20 thoughts on “Appen- Work from home Review”

  1. So, I want to move to Thailand. Will I still be able to work in English or will it convert to thai? Or if I move to any country. How does it work?

  2. Is this a job that requires no previous experience? I’m a student with very little job experience and need to job to make extra $$. Btw your videos are awesome. Looking forward to more videos on opportunities to make money.

  3. Great video. I am currently signing up with them and getting ready to test. Did you sign up as an independent contractor or do you have a business that you signed up with. Do you know the advantage of each?

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  5. I am a Canadian but I am going to Africa and I will be there for 6 month or more. Can I do Appen global from Africa?

  6. Hello! I've been working for Appen for like 2 weeks. Did you request for payment at Payoneers? After a few days of work and "the time has come" to get paid?

  7. Did you have to go through a supervisor through Google Hangout? And did you have to provide your banking info to get started. So you can get your "equipment"?

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