19 thoughts on “Social Security Disability and Low Income Housing”

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  2. I am also a diabetic and have bi polar and severe depression and I'm in major pain all over my body constantly and I still hold a job and do not receive any type of assistance at all. And am a full time mother as well. Life's rough, you gotta get control of your emotions and really get it together, it's life,deal with it. I'm really not trying to be mean at all,it's just I think you need to be told the reality, I take no meds and also struggle with the most severe case of anxiety as well.

  3. that's a prity cat . your cool Michael can you subscribe to my chancel ? . I hope you get better and live a full and happy life I too have depression but I don't have it as bad I can still go to work but some times I need to take time off

  4. i am on ssid i get 1236 a month still can't get low income housing or section 8 i just bought a trailer that need alot of work from plumbing to electrical. had to live somewhere

  5. you need to go talk with ssd you don't get enough for them to take medical payments out of you and they will stop it and remberst the monies you've over paid

  6. Being obviously Morbidly Obese you would be better off making use of your time working to lose the excess weight than posting videos on a YouTube channel. There are ways to lose fat that you may not have found. I've done it and all it takes is determination and an understanding that if you don't you are going to die.

  7. I got really bad sick had to have two operations had to quit work lost my home lost my business my job. Had to go into government housing got my Social Security disability. And I went to the doctor he said what are you doing deferent, I said I'm on Culligan water I have been for six months don't even cook in in fluoride. He said keep doing what your doing because you don't have to take your thyroid medicine anymore , I said really he said yeah, I thought that was cool but why didn't they know about this. That got me thinking about why and what else are they putting in our food and water so I got the Internet and I looked it up about the GMO I didn't know about them I just looked up what's in my water and food and two weeks after I stop the GMO food my bowels start working again. So you do the math I don't take their food their water their medicine anymore. My tumors on my chest cavity stunk Everybody needs to do the math don't drink the water don't take the medicine don't eat there GMO food, fortunately I got better but unfortunately I uncovered a whole bees nest of politics and depopulation agenda 21. And now I find myself a little depressed over the whole thing.

  8. you must never worked I worked until I was in my forties,then I became disabled my check is $1450 I don't know where you live but I live in Miami

  9. I would give you the names of the shows or the sites but I'm not sure if that would violate something.

  10. You really need to research this term…. nutriceutical or nutrimedical. Socrates is considered the father of western medicine said, "Let thy food be medicine and thy medicine be thy food." If your diabetes is truly incurable then I apologize to you. But I urge you to do some research.

  11. You poor poor pitiful person. I had to cut this off after 2 minutes due to your incessant whining. The diabetes you have can be cured by YOUR diet. And guessing from the size of your chin you probably eat most anything. A year ago I had dangerously high blood pressure and my 3 month average blood glucose level was 6.5. My doctor told me if it got worse he would prescribe diabetes medication. I did not want that. I went last month and my blood work was good. I have not had any blood pressure medication for 5 months now. The other day at the gym my post workout BP was 106/71. I am 58 and am the lightest I have weighed in 25 years. My weight loss is about 60 lbs. since this time a year ago. It can be done. I listen to a lot of alternative talk radio. I won't give his name but there is a doctor from the south that used to run a big clinic. He said heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, and most cancers are a direct result of what we choose to eat. I believe what he said. You being bipolar and having ptsd I think is just an excuse not to work. There are natural remedies out there, do some research. It's sad that some people can get SSD for the reasons they do when there are people that need it worse than you do.

  12. you said Jefferson County, so I do know that you are aware that most one-bedroom apartments are $900, and that's not including Xcel Bill utilities xcetera. Best luck to you!

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